Downtown Revitalization

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We need a vibrant, restored downtown.  It is very easy to say “That’s the City of Redding’s bailiwick, not the County,” but then why do we have a Supervisor for District One which encompasses the greater downtown core?  I believe a County Supervisor has an obligation to work hard to ensure that his/her district is well represented, promoted, and focused upon to help resolve issues in his/her district, as well as keeping a watchful eye out for the betterment of the whole County.  Currently, I don’t feel that is happening. While I do understand that a Supervisor must look at the big picture for the entire County, when I see Mary Rickert representing the Intermountain area well, or Les Baugh aggressively representing the Anderson area, I can’t help but wonder why downtown isn’t as well represented at the County level.


  • I promise to continue to work with the state, the City of Redding, private citizens, and foundations to work toward our common goals.  The Dickers’ project noted below is an example of this kind of cooperation leading to success. 
  • I promise to always be alert to potential opportunities to improve downtown, as well as all of Shasta County.  As a life-long Shasta County citizen, I pay attention to changes that may be occurring in our entire community.  I am quite active in putting forth accolades or criticisms to our elected leaders - whether local, state, or national -  thus applying pressure for them to do the right thing for our citizens. 
  • I will continue to monitor the progress on the Downtown Specific Plan, which is a significant piece of our efforts to revitalize downtown.  Working together with CalTrans, the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency, Redding Public Works, in addition to incorporating the public’s input on trails, traffic, walk and bikability, will create changes that will make downtown thrive, then people will want to live in the downtown core again.