Public Life

I was a public servant for 8 years on the Redding City Council, and I look forward to continuing to serve as your Supervisor, District 1. 

Prior to serving on the Redding City Council for eight years, I was elected to the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College Board of Trustees.  I have been involved with an extensive number of organizations through the years.  (Please see my FAQ's.)  I firmly believe people should serve their community, but they should also be open to new perspectives and ideas.  I think the City Council and the Board of Supervisors fall into that criteria, so I stepped down as Redding Mayor to let new leadership take place.  This is what I’m hoping to accomplish at the County Board of Supervisors: new leadership with my fresh eyes looking at the problems the county faces and coming up with new solutions and IMPLEMENTING them..


Personal Life


I was born in Redding. My mom was a grammar school teacher and my dad was a contractor. I have two older brothers but no sisters. My oldest brother was born before dad left to serve with the Navy in the Philippines during World War II. After dad returned, my next brother and I were born. Dad worked on the construction of Shasta Dam and other projects throughout Shasta County, including Bonnyview School, where mom taught 4th grade. Summers were spent running barefoot through the hills of south Redding, or playing at (then safe) South City Park, and getting books at the old Carnegie Library. My oldest brother graduated from the University of Oregon while I was still a young girl, so for some reason, I don’t hold his Ducks in the same esteem he does! Both brothers served as Army Captains in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict, and the younger brother suffers from his Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam (lung and skin cancers, heart disease). 

My family and I are very patriotic and love America wholeheartedly!
— Missy

I got married at age 19, then finished getting my B.A. and teaching credential, followed by an M.A. and P.A. credential. I worked as a P.A. for 25 years, the last 12 at Mercy Medical Center ER. I’ve owned small businesses and worked for others also. (See FAQs for more detail on work and school.) I’ve never been fired from a job since I started working at age 16. I gave birth to my son in 1990, and now he has a baby daughter of his own! His dad and I split up, so I was a single mom for about ten years, then remarried in 1999. Unfortunately, after 7 years, we also split up. I believe in God’s plan for my life, and that I’m on the correct path I was destined to follow. I have been blessed beyond measure by wonderful friends, a loving family, and (for the most part!) good health.