What is a Supervisor?

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors consists of five members: a Chair, and four other Supervisors.  The Chair rotates annually and is decided by the other Supervisors.  Each Supervisor serves a four year term.  Each Supervisor must live in the District he/she represents, and represents approximately the same number of constituents as their peers, although the geographical size may vary. The five districts in Shasta County are generally the Redding city limits core (District 1), western Shasta County (District 2), eastern Shasta County (District 3), northern Shasta County (District 4), southern Shasta County (District 5).  Shasta County is a large county which covers approx.. 3,850 square miles, and includes three incorporated cities: Redding (County seat), Anderson, and the City of Shasta Lake.  There are also many identified communities such as Palo Cedro, Shingletown, Happy Valley, etc.

Duties of a supervisor

A County Board of Supervisors serves as the executioner of state laws and regulations, and is under the state’s legislative control.  There are many departments under County jurisdiction and budgets that are not in a city’s jurisdiction, such as:

  • Sheriff
  • Housing
  • Mental Health
  • Health Department
  • Child Support Services
  • Cal Works/Cal Fresh
  • District Attorney
  • Air Quality
  • County Roads  
  • Highways, Environmental Health
  • And others not listed above.
  • For more information, go to http://www.counties.org/county-structure