It is absolutely imperative that the County and the Cities begin working together.

The Great Recession has proven that we need to figure out how to do more with less. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t apply for State and Federal grants or other monies; it just means that working together to eliminate wasteful overlap of resources should be our goal. Leveraging our dollars with matching funds, either with other government agencies or private investors, is also a way to successfully achieve our goals. Rather than pointing fingers, we must collaborate to figure out what we can each bring to the table for our mutual success. 



  • The citizens of Redding, Anderson, and Shasta Lake City, along with the communities of Burney, Fall River, Castella, Happy Valley, Jones Valley, Silverthorn, Palo Cedro, Shingletown, Manton, Montgomery Creek, Round Mountain, Millville, Lakehead, French Gulch, and other rural county areas should have a say in the Shasta County decision-making that might affect their lives. I welcome such input, and will listen to all viewpoints with an open mind. I feel that with citizens’ participation, our County will more accurately reflect those values we hold dear. 
  • I promise to work hard to create liaisons with all of the Shasta County communities, as well as our state and national representatives. I have done so in the past, and I will continue to do so in the future. This sort of cooperation, not only with elected representatives, but also with the government agencies themselves, private enterprises, and non-profit groups creates an environment for successful endeavors. 
  • I plan to encourage successful grant writing with other agencies, both governmental and private. I strongly feel with enhanced cooperation so much more can be accomplished than with one agency working alone. Though not always possible, cooperation to achieve mutual goals is something we all should strive for, TOGETHER, continually. 

History of Successful Cooperation


I helped secure the $11 million dollar grant from the state to build a new library. The competition was fierce as many of the elected legislators in Sacramento were favoring their population bases in the south. Together as a community, we raised the other $10 million and succeeded in the completion of a new library facility. Besides the construction, as Chair of the Library Governance and Task Force I helped craft a policy giving the City of Redding co-governance with Shasta County for the entire county library system. This led to expanded library hours with (amazingly!) decreased overhead. 

I met with state grant people, along with Assemblyman Dahle and Daniel Knott, to secure the $20 million dollar grant to revitalize the Dickers’ block downtown. This exciting project will allow easier transportation through town, whether driving, biking, or walking, and will make downtown a desirable place to live, dine, and shop. 

As liaison to Redding Public Works, I interacted with the state’s Department of Water Resources (DWR), Shasta County water districts, and others that hold water rights in Shasta County. It was imperative that during the drought we worked cooperatively with each other and expressed to the DWR that Northern California was NOT SoCal, and the one-size-fits-all approach to the drought was detrimental to the Northstate. Though the restrictions imposed were still fairly strict, these interactions helped keep even more draconian measures from occurring.